"Company Stole My Idea"

by Robert Z. Cashman, Esq.
Patent Attorney in Texas and in New York.

Smart inventors come up with good inventions and they even contact a licensed patent attorney to apply for patents on their inventions. In order to prevent a company from stealing their patent and beating the inventor to the market, the inventor often forms a company or multiple companies to sell products which are patent pending based on the subject matter of their patent applications.  Eventually, the patent attorney and the inventor receive notice that the inventor's invention has now issued as a patent, and everyone is happy.

With the passage of enough time, often enough, some company will come up with a product or service that infringes on the inventor's patent rights.  Some company has stolen their patent and has made a product incorporating or using the subject matter of their patent.  However, because the company is either a big company who does not care about paying for a license or dealing with an inventor who might have an idea that their patent is actually worth something, or because the company is a smaller company who doesn't know of the patent, who can't afford to pay for a license, or who thinks the inventor will not notice that they are stealing the protected subject matter of the inventor's patent, the companies neglect to contact the inventor and thus they use the subject matter of the patent and infringe.

Inventors who don't realize they can contact a licensed patent litigation attorney who can contact the company on their behalf and negotiate a reasonable royalty which will pay the inventor for the use of their invention and if necessary, sue the company for patent infringement, often feel despair and say, "this company stole my idea."  They tell their friends that "the company stole my idea," and that "my idea was stolen" and spend months or years wondering what they can do to avoid the phrase "this company stole my idea" from becoming a permanent reality.

Luckily there is hope.  A licensed patent litigation attorney has knowledge of the patent litigation federal court system, where if the company who stole the idea is uncooperative in properly compensating the inventor for the reasonable amount the inventor is due, the patent litigation attorney will file suit in federal court and start a patent lawsuit.

The patent litigation process will be outlined in a different page.

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