Welcome to the Cashman Law Firm, PLLC - Patent Prosecution in Houston, TX

Welcome to the Cashman Law Firm, PLLC 

Our web site (www.CashmanIP.com) in its current form is an educational site which will contain contributions from patent attorneys and patent litigation attorneys who are eager to share their knowledge.  Our goal here is to enable you, the inventor, to help you get a patent so that you can protect your invention from companies who want to copy or steal your idea or your invention without your permission.  

As a patent attorney and a patent litigation attorney, we will help you write your invention into a patent; we will draft a patent application, and we analyze or enforce patents you currently own.  The goal here is to give you enough information so that you can use have us as your patent attorney or your patent litigation attorney so that months or years down the line you do not end up saying, "they stole my idea!" or "this company stole my invention."  If you have a well-worded patent that covers your invention, it will likely not be a problem to enforce your patent or to get a company to take a license and give you royalty payments on your patented technology.  If you choose to use your patent to find companies who are infringing your patent, you can sue on your patent and recover damages from royalties that are owed to you from the company using your invention without your permission.

CashmanIP.com is a resource for you to learn about patent drafting and patent litigation.  In the coming months, we expect to draft a site which will give you just the facts about what it takes to get a patent, what it takes to get a company to take a license, and how to enforce and (if necessary) to sue on your patent.

We will also help you to analyze your patent to determine what technology your patent covers (as there is likely a gap between what one perceives their patent to cover and what it actually covers), what the market value of your patent would be if you chose to license or sell your patent, whether you should use, sell, or sue on your patent.  We will also help you determine whether there are would-be infringers out there using your patent without your permission, and we are happy to help you find mistakes or poorly-worded patent claims so that you can fix your patent within the time allotted to make them enforceable.