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About Robert Z. Cashman, Patent Attorney in Houston, TX

Robert Z. Cashman is the principal attorney within Cashman IP™ and the The Cashman Law Firm, PLLC™.  Robert is a patent attorney licensed to practice in Texas, in New York, and before the US Patent & Trademark Office.  His focus is on protecting individual inventors against companies who inadvertently steal ideas and inventions.  If necessary, the firm is always developing contacts within their attorney network who can sue the companies, even on a contingency basis. 

Rob is currently living in Houston, TX where he has devoted his practice to mastery of all aspects of the invention-protection process with an eye -- at each stage -- on protecting the inventor -- through properly drafting patents to protect his clients against companies, both large and small, who would jump on the opportunity to infringe on the technology if they were given the chance.  Patents at Cashman IP are drafted with the understanding that one day, the patented invention might be copied by a corporation.  It is also understood that too often, the large corporation is not interested in spending money to compensate inventors either because the licensing process is too burdensome for the company, or because they mistakenly believe that the patents they infringe are not valid.  The problem that arises in such a scenario is that the inventor is often left without the tools to defend his patent(s) and thus the patent instantly becomes worthless because the inventor is unable or unwilling to enforce it. 

Robert is teaming up with expert patent litigation attorneys and trial lawyers who successfully litigate patents, who have the knowledge and the skill to approach a corporation with grace, and who are experts in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and local rules in their respective jurisdictions.  Thus, they are able to competently protect the inventor even when the company has become unresponsive to the inventor's requests for the company to pay him a royalty and when it has tried to make the inventor go away through legal motions and tricks.

For these reasons, Robert Z. Cashman and the firm he represents provide access to an outcome-based fee system, a contingency fee payment system where the attorneys he is associated with get paid only if and when the client makes money.  This way, the client pays no legal fees and is able to protect his patented invention against those that wish to deprive him of those very protections.  

As a patent attorney, Rob graduated from Binghamton University, Harpur College, in New York interestingly enough, completing a pre-medical curriculum and receiving a degree in Philosophy.  After Harpur College, Rob surrounded himself with technical coursework which included fundamental science and engineering subject areas such as Programming in C#, Advanced Programming and Data Structures, Digital Logic, Calculus I, II, and III, Microbiology, Biology, Physics, Dynamics, Organic Chemistry, Chemistry, among a number of core courses which make him comfortable when encountering topics which frequent patent litigation lawsuits.  

Robert, as a technology and network security enthusiast, is also fully conversant with a number of Information Security (infosec) topics as are covered by CompTIA's Network+ Certification course, the CompTIA Security+ Certification course, the CompTIA Linux+ Certification course, and the Ethical Hacker materials.  

In 2006, Rob received his J.D. from the Touro Law School in New York, where he graduated with the knowledge that he would shortly take and pass the patent bar exam to become a patent attorney and a patent litigation attorney.  During law school, Rob was a member of the Jewish Law Report and he was the recipient of multiple awards including the CALI award for excellence in Computer Law.  He also took part in an internship with Scully, Scott, Murphy & Presser through Touro Law School's Business & Technology Clinic where he learned the basics of patent litigation strategies and chemical patent prosecution.  At Scully, Scott, Murphy & Presser, Rob immersed himself in learning the stages of patent litigation.  He even took part in preparing for a summary judgment hearing where the U.S. Government was infringing the patents of an inventor.  He researched Metabolite v. Labcorp regarding whether one can patent a "thinking step" in a business method patent, which led to his advocacy in patent reform prompting an inquiry from more than one politician on his views.

After graduation, he worked at a boutique patent company where he negotiated the transfer and licensing of patent assets.  He also gained considerable knowledge in tracking patent litigation cases and making money for inventors on their unused patents. His clients were interested in bolstering their patent asset portfolios so that when faced with an infringement action, they would have an arsenal of patents to turn the tables on their would-be patent troll opponents. Further, his clients would have significant licensing power should a company infringe any of the patents Robert helped them to acquire. When reviewing each patent, each claim was analyzed for clarity, validity, and with an eye as to which products might infringe.

If you have any questions about what you have read here or on any other page of the site, please feel free to contact Rob Cashman at rzcashman@CashmanIP.com or by phone at 516-874-3958